John Strike is now on Windows Store!

John Strike

The John Strike looks like a good retro platformer game with all the 8bit glory, shootings, explosions and funky music. Jump from platform to platform, shoot on enemies, go stealth. Simple and enjoyable fun! You can play this game on your Windows 10 PC or on your Smartphone. You can use your keyboard, Xbox Gamepad, or use the buttons on the screen.

This game does not have sponsorship or support, if you like the game share and give good feedback in the store. With your help can thus build a chapter 2!

cvgqnk2xeaaotz_john-strike-banneryoutube Download:

New Update for Deals Games!

Hey Guys New Update: V3.1.0.0 - Only for Anniversary update! - The application now supports "Continuous App Experience" to Cross-device! - Minor improvements; - New test animations; xcvxvc


PaperNoide – New Universal Game!

PaperNoide - New Universal Game

Do you miss the classic Arkanoid/Breakout game? I have what you need!!! The PaperNoid is a game where the player has to control the paddle and try to keep the ball in game as long as possible. For every brick destroyed you get extra points. In this version you have Powerups, and special blocks!

Lots of levels to play, fun and simple! (512MB Devices Works) This game is universal game, you can play on Windows 10 PC, and Windows Mobile Phones!

Don't forget to rate the app, and help us for new cool levels and games!


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